To become an official please register here

Training will be at here
7/13/2019 9AM-1PM Liberty High School
7/20/2019 9AM-1PM Tualatin High School

Please note that when an Official registers on SportsEngine the DL License # is a required field; however, the field does not validate if the number is correct so for those Officials who do not have DL#, they can enter N/A.

This year, officials will come into training with their test already taken (tests can be taken as a group). This means, we will need to go through the test prior to the classroom training.

Once Trent gets the rule changes, he will send them out.

Pay Scale: it has now changed to an experience/performance level.
Level 1 (1st Year) = $30
Level 2 (2nd Year) = $35
Level 3 (3rd Year) = $40
Level 4 (4th Year) = $45

If Official travels to another site, add $5's per game