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Please note that when an Official registers on SportsEngine the DL License # is a required field; however, the field does not validate if the number is correct so for those Officials who do not have DL#, they can enter N/A.

Training – July 7th or July 14th (9am-1pm)
Location: Hillsboro High School

This year, officials will come into training with their test already taken (tests can be taken as a group). This means, we will need to go through the test prior to the classroom training.

Once Fidel gets the rule changes, he will send them out.

Fidel will send the date for Westview to attend. If there is a conflict for the officials, please let Fidel know and we can make arrangements.

On-Field Training Because of the change in the start of the season. On-Field training will be at the Jamboree's. This year Jamboree is schedule for 8/25 at Sunset High School all officials must attend.

Pay Scale: it has now changed to an experience/performance level.
Level 1 (1st Year) = $30
Level 2 (2nd Year) = $35
Level 3 (3rd Year) = $40
Level 4 (4th Year) = $45

If Official travels to another site, add $5's per game